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  Wednesday June 29, 2011  Mid-week Message: The Well Furnished Christian Life
  Sunday June 26, 2011  PM Message: Studying the Word
 AM Message: The Happy Christian
 Adult Bible Study: Faith
  Wednesday June 22, 2011  Mid-week Message: Looking Up
  Sunday June 19, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 13 - Tithing, Giving & Charitable Contributions
 AM Message: About Fathers
 Adult Bible Study: Romans # 2 - Setting Priorities
  Wednesday June 15, 2011  Mid-week Message: About Time
  Sunday June 12, 2011  PM Message: Turkey Shoot - No PM Service
 AM Message: Testimonies / Are You Ready?Blind
 Adult Bible Study: Romans - What to Believe - How to Believe
  Wednesday June 8, 2011  Mid-week Message: What is God Asking You to Do?
  Sunday June 5, 2011  PM Message: Lovest thou Me?
 AM Message: The Man Born Blind
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Scientology
  Wednesday June 1, 2011  Mid-week Message: Doing Battle with the Devil
  Sunday May 29, 2011  PM Message: Family Game Night
 AM Message: Blessings the Soul often Forgets
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Mormonism
  Wednesday May 25, 2011  Mid-week Message: Tapping into the Resources of God
  Sunday May 22, 2011  PM Message: About Giving
 AM Message: To Be Free Indeed
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions -
  Wednesday May 18, 2011  Mid-week Message: The Pearl of Parables: The Prodigal Son
  Sunday May 15, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 12 - Insurance
 AM Message: God's Timing
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Jehovah's Witnesses #2
  Wednesday May 11, 2011  Mid-week Message: Are You Growing?
  Sunday May 8, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 11 - Savings and Investments
 AM Message: Rizpah
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Jehovah's Witnesses #1
  Wednesday May 4, 2011  Mid-week Message: Prayer
  Sunday May 1, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 10 - Savings and Investment
 AM Message: The Gospel of John - The Miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes
 Adult Bible Study: What Cults Do With Jesus
  Wednesday Apr 27, 2011  Mid-week Message: Awana's Pine Car Races
n / a
  Sunday Apr 24, 2011  PM Message: To Observe the Lord's Supper
 AM Message: I Know My Redeemer Liveth
 Adult Bible Study: Because He Lives
  Wednesday Apr 20, 2011  Mid-week Message: The Forsaken Christ
  Sunday Apr 17, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 9 - Budgeting
 AM Message: The Crowd at the Cross
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Buddism
  Wednesday Apr 13, 2011  Mid-week Message: Christ's Most Remarkable Convert
  Sunday Apr 10, 2011  PM Message: Financial Freedom # 8 - Bankruptcy
 AM Message: Be Not Afraid
 Adult Bible Study: World Religions - Hinduism
Wednesday Apr 6, 2011

Brother Steve Adams - Grace Bible Baptist Church

 PM Message: Gone Fishing - Relinquishing Revival


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Tuesday Apr 5, 2011

Pastor Chuck Hyatt - Torrington Baptist Tabernacle

 PM Message: The Presence of God


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Monday Apr 4, 2011

Pastor Tommy Miller - Faith Baptist Church - Cheyenne

 PM Message: Time to Wake Up and Gt Serious

Sunday Apr 3, 2011

Pastor Robb Jupp - Calvary Baptist Church - Williston

 PM Message: The Lord's Business
 AM Message: Have You Counted the Cost
 Adult Bible Study: Get Involved - Pastor Robb Jupp

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